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Communal facilities and areas


Yard areas and car parks

The yard area includes your own parking space, waste bins, drying area, play and game area as well as a garden area.
Cars are parked only in the spaces provided, not on the grass or sidewalks. Remember that the emergency vehicles (fire trucks, ambulance etc.) must get to the door and into the tight corners.

Parking your car cannot cause any problems to anyone. Breaking any of the parking rules can lead to the termination of your car park space.

Also notice that washing and repairing the car is not allowed in the yard area.

For row houses, it is the tenants´ duty to fertilize the garden, clean and mow the lawn. The waste collection area has bins marked for waste and recycling.

Staircases and loft corridors

No material can be stored on the stairs; everyone must keep their own property in their own rooms. To ease the cleaning of the stairs and corridors, keep your door mat on the inside of your room.
Smoking is forbidden inside communal rooms in the building.

Loft corridors are nice only if they are kept clean and neat. Please don´t store stuff in the corridor. Shaking rugs in the loft corridor is not allowed.

Club rooms

Many of our properties have club and hobby rooms for tenants. Information on the use of the club rooms is available from the property maintenance staff or tenant committee members.


There are orders in the rules and regulations on taking cats and dogs for walks. If you own a cat, dog or some other kind of pet, make sure they don´t disturb or cause problems to neighbors, other tenants and to the property.

Keep the pets tied down when they are outside. According to the rules, even puppies can´t run free. Take your pet out the yard area to do their job.

If a pet causes damages in the property, the tenant must pay all repair costs.

Laundry room

The laundry for the building and area is open from 7am to 8pm at times defined by the tenant committee. The laundry room is reserved by writing your name in the notebook or on the bulletin board. Remove the reservation after using the laundry.

The laundry room and equipment are meant only for the use of the tenants of the building. Washing rugs/carpets in the washing machine is not allowed, because the machines are only for clothes. The machine instructions are in the laundry room.


Property maintenance prepares the sauna turn lists. You can reserve your turn and change already agreed times in the list.

The steam room of the saunas that are in the apartment cannot be used for drying laundry.

Storage rooms

Sports equipment, bicycles, and baby prams/buggies have their own storage area.

Each home has a storage room with a lock. Property maintenance will have the stuff left in the storage area corridors taken to the dump.

You must also remember that all materials stored in unheated storages can´t withstand changes in temperature and moisture.

Sorting wastes

The systematic sorting of wastes reduces the amount of mixed waste burdening the environment. With environmentally friendly selections the tenant can have an effect on the development of costs in the building.

Hazardous wastes, old appliances and furniture should be brought directly to the recycle centers indicated by the city of Oulu.

The most recent recycling guide is found on Oulun Jätehuolto website.

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