Safe, service friendly, modern

Sivakka has been in business since 1992. Since the beginning we have wanted to be a growing expert of Oulu and a market leader in our field.

Our job is to offer our customers technically and financially sound rental apartments. We want our customer service to be flexible and our business transparent. Our most values are safety, good services and modernity.

We want to be a safe landlord, partner, customer and employer. For us, safety also means responsibility for the environment and the surrounding society. We want to make sustainable selections in our work.

The basic idea of our business is to serve the customer well in his/her housing matters. Our serving attitude tells you that we appreciate people. The flexibility of operations guarantees keeping the viewpoint of the customer. With a sufficient and correct way of informing we create a basis for a functioning tenant relationship.

With the continuous development of our operations, we make sure that we are a modern operator. We strive for operational and technical modernity for the benefit of the customer. We are prepared for changes and we foresee our work environment with continuous analyzing and developing our own operations.

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