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Accepting an apartment


Accepting an apartment

We offer apartments based on the apartment application. You reserve the provided apartment by paying the deposit and signing the rental agreement. The condition for signing the agreement is that the persons mentioned on the agreement are the ones moving in.
Instructions for making the deposit payment will be given at the time of apartment rental agreement.

Security deposit

The security deposit is meant to guarantee the condition of the apartment and to secure the rental payment.
The security deposit will be refunded about a month after the rental agreement has ended. The refund will be made as long as all the keys have been returned, the apartment is in good condition and cleaned and that all the rents and other possible payments have been made.

Signing the rental agreement

You can sign the rental agreement at our customer service office. All the parties must sign the rental agreement. The condition for signing the rental agreement is that the security deposit is paid and that documents for state subsidized loan program and interest support sites are provided.

The tenant must also take out an insurance policy for the apartment as a condition to the agreement. If you are signing the agreement at our customer service office, and if your spouse cannot make it, please bring a letter/power of attorney from her. Please bring some type of personal ID.

Please provide a receipt of deposit payment before signing the rental agreement, or make the payment with bank, credit or Visa Electron card. Unfortunately we do not handle cash in the office. Make an appointment with our customer service if you want to sign the agreement at the office.

Electricity agreement

The transfer of electricity agreement must be made with Oulun Energia when you are in the Oulu city area. The sale of electricity agreement can be made with any electric utility company that you prefer. Make sure that you have a valid electricity agreement when you move into a new apartment.

Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy offers the tenants of Sivakka, at the time of the signing of the agreement, an open-ended AinaVirta electricity sales agreement that includes a discount of the monthly user fee for three months. To get the discount, make the electricity sales agreement on the form available through us at the time of the rental agreement signing at the latest. If you cannot print out the agreement form, you can fill it out at the customer service office.

You can also make the electricity sales agreement on the Internet with the electricity company that you prefer. You can compare prices on the website below.

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