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Termination of apartment

Termination of rental agreement

A rental agreement with terms for the time being, ending after the term of notice (AHVL/481). The term of notice (1 month) is calculated from the last day of the calendar month, at which time the notice has been given. If the tenant gives notice today, it is valid till the end of the next month, up to which date rent must be paid.

If the month´s last calendar day is during the weekend, The termination notice must be done through E-services on the Siwakka website, in writing with a traditional letter, that has the post stamp dated as the month of termination or by dropping the written notice into the Sivakka customer service office mailbox by the weekend, of the last day of the month.

If you give notice, for example, on Monday, 1st July, 2013, the rental agreement ends 31st of August, 2013. If notice is given on Sunday, 30th June, 2013 the rental agreement ends 31st July, 2013.

Giving notice is done either in writing or electronically with your bank passwords. If the rental agreement is done by several people, all parties must be giving notice to the agreement.

Printable form for giving notice,

Giving notice electronically(only in finnish)

If one of the tenants leaving, he/she must give notice for his/her share. Otherwise he/she is responsible for rent payments and the condition of the apartment.

If the tenant dies, the estate is responsible for the fulfillment of the rent terms. The normal term of notice is followed in terminating the rental agreement. The administrator of the estate should send the death certificate or official certificate to the company and give notice for the termination of the apartment rental agreement.

All keys are returned to the property maintenance office. If all the keys for the apartment are not returned on moving out, the locks will be rekeyed. The invoice for the work will be sent for the tenant moving out. After agreeing with the local property manager about the issues, the tenant can do small repairs to get the apartment into good condition.

The moving day, the day you must move out of the apartment and turn in the keys to the property maintenance, is usually the ending date of the rental agreement. You can check the issue in your rental agreement.

Tenant Invoicing pricelist

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