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Join the tenant activity group

As a resident of Sivakka, you can have an influence on your living and surroundings by taking part in tenant activity. Join the meetings and joint tenant events. Above all you build up a nice neighbor network which brings security and quality to life.

Tenant activity is work for the good of your own apartment. It is based on the tenant meetings, which are held at least once a year. The meetings are agreed on together with the local property manager.

Common work doesn´t require much effort and time. Even small ideas create community spirit and increase the enjoyment of all. Your wishes go forward better in the tenant activity group than if they were the wishes of an individual tenant.

Everyone can be an active tenant

Everyone who wants to can join tenant activity group. Take part in the tenant meeting, which selects the actual tenant committee or the necessary number of stewards.

Together the members of the tenant committee think of ways that improve the general satisfaction, security and order as well as improve the condition of the building. The committee works together with not only with the tenants, but with the property company and other broader organizations.

The tenant committees are an important partner for Sivakka, which can actually have an effect. The committees can make initiatives to repair faults and deficiencies, take a stand on repair and renovation plans and handle rental inspection calculations in state supported housing sites.

The tenant observer is a special representative of the tenants of rental units managed by Oulun Sivakka Oy who follows and monitors the handling of the rent determination unit, finance and administration. One person is named as shared observer.

As the tenant´s voice in the partner committee

Two representatives from the tenant committees are selected to the Sivakka partner committee, which is the organization between the owner and the tenant committee.

The partner committee handles common issues that concern the company and if necessary gives proposals to the company board to be considered. Among other issues, the committee handles renovation fund plans and rental inspection calculation in state supported housing sites. The partner committee also proposes members to the Oulun Sivakka Oy board.

If you are interested in being a partner committee member, contact the chairman or the administrative chief of the tenant committee.

Take part in meetings and special events

We arrange many different types of tenant activity events during the year, to which all interested persons are welcome. We inform all about the training sessions on our website and the Sivakka leaflet.

Guides of tenant activity

Residents´ activity brochure.

More info about tenant activity

For all tenant activity related issues you can contact the chairman of the tenant activity:

You can contact Rauni Kauppi at 044 710 8236 or email: firstname.lastname@sivakka.fi

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