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Changing apartments


When you want to change apartments

There are two alternatives in changing apartments:


Move into an apartment that will soon be available. Fill in the normal apartment application for the apartment soon to be vacant. Certain rules apply for changing apartments and the changeover also requires that:

  • The rental agreement has lasted at least half a year.
  • The local property manager has checked the apartment.
  • Possible repair bills have been paid.
  • The tenant hasn´t received any notices or warnings for disturbances.
  • The tenant hasn´t neglected to take care of apartment.
  • The tenant hasn´t defaulted on any rent payments.
  • The security deposit payment has been made and receipt has been shown.
  • New rental agreement has been signed.
  • The keys can be picked up from the property maintenance office after signing.

We hold the right to accept or reject the exchange.
We need about three weeks of time to process the arrangements related to the change.

Fill in the application


Exchange with another tenant. Exchanging an apartment with another tenant happens through the exchange market. If you find an exchange partner in the apartment exchange market, you can exchange the apartments with the permission of our office, when:

  • when both parties fill out the apartment application
  • and the time of exchange is at the end of the month.

Go to the apartment exchange market

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